yotube 2DFX 111pack 2015

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It becomes 111 drawing effect footage by yotube.

>>Added v1.2 on January 11, 2024.

>Added anti-aliased-on tiff sequential-numbered data with smoothing processing.

>has revised the product introduction and read me text.

>>About contents

[_Preview]This is the gif animation image data of each material. You can check it with a compatible viewer or browser.

[Anti-aliasing_off] The data is a plain png sequential number data with anti-aliasing turned off.

[Anti-aliasing_on] Anti-aliased tiff sequential number data with smoothing processing.

>>size 2112x2112

png sequence

12fps 24fps recommendation

*An empty frame exists, but puts it as glimmering expression.

>>Business is available

Animations, amusement machines, games, advertisements, etc. may all be used.

We do not have any problem with modification of the material, including editing, processing, etc.

*Staff credit can be optional.(When you can make staff credit, I would like it in "@yotube".)

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yotube 2DFX 111pack 2015

4 ratings
I want this!